The only QR code that can do everything

Smart QR code scanner & reader

A Smart QR code is a special QR code. You only need one single QR code and do whatever you want. I keep the same shape even if you change my destination and I am programmable.

I can show you videos , music, web pages or whatever you think of.

I can show you something very specific only on a certain location, country, day, time, mobile phone type, language. I can protect my code from reading with a password.

You can upload your videos and recordings directly, you don’t need youtube for that. You can operate me with your phone as well as my website. That, in a nutshell, is what I can do

What is so special about this Smart qr code.

Depending on the type of mobile phone with which you scan the QR code, you go to the correct APP store. You no longer need 2 QR codes, just one.

You can show something at a very specific location and even accurate to within 20 meters. Very useful for a city trip, treasure hunts, travel guides, local news or location-specific shopping.

You can combine all conditions as you wish. Geo locations, languages, time slots, country, passwords, video, music, links, type of mobile phone. And it’s just drag and drop, you don’t need to be a programmer to use this.

You can create your own mobile web pages and forms, even with the option of sending email.

We have even made the QR code so special that you can determine that when you scan the QR code for the first time, you will automatically be sent to the QR code app and after that when you open the APP and press the tag button, you will receive a recording. and then automatically links it to the QR code. Very suitable for promotional purposes, geocaching.