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  • Smart QR code business package

    • Subscription for 1 year
    • Manage through the internet and mobile APP
    • All functionality
    • Fair use policy
    • Private video/content library
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  • Sheet with 20 Smart geocache QR stickers

    • 20 Epoxy 3d stickers
    • First scan the QR code sticker and follow the instructions.
    • Download the APP
    • Create a personal message or clue.
    • Point the camera at the QR code.
    • Add your personal message or clue.
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  • Gadget Smart QR code ( 25 )

    Forget boring gifts or gadgets. Why not send a personalized video message along with any gift or make your own gadget?
    Record with one click and add to your gadget. The only thing you need is your mobile phone. No account is required
    Package of 50 Gadget Smart QR codes.

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