Smart QR code introduction

This user guide is part of the user interface “Smart QR code Platform.” A renewed platform to simplify the management of the Smart QR code and to make it easier for the Smart QR code administrator.

The Smart QR code includes a lot of possibilities and is intended for professional use of the QR code. Important to know is that one of the most important issues of a Smart QR code is, that you can put all types of digital media behind it … and change it again.

Thus, not only a link to a web page, but also the linking of all other forms of media: video, photos, music, Pdfs, but also phone numbers, email addresses, files.
It is now also possible to create mobile web pages in the platform itself and to link it to the Smart QR code.
This provides the Smart QR code with much more flexible features than the static QR code.

The principle of the platform is very simple

1. Create a number of Smart QR codes in the QR code management platform (
2. Select the Smart QR code you want to edit (link content, change content, etc.)
3. Determine the conditions under which the content is displayed when scanning the Smart QR code
4. Upload selected media in the Media Library that you want to link to the Smart QR code
5. Print the Smart QR code or make it ready for processing in print

The Smart QR code Platform consists of three main components:
If you’re logged in to the management environment and you choose Manage your Media, you’ll see on your computer’s screen the following:

Smart QR code web platform

This is the media library, the place where all media managed to or uploaded to this place are used,
which will be used as content for the Smart QR code.

Read the introduction carefully to get a better understanding of the possibilities of the management environment. If you’re logged in to the management environment and you choose Manage your Media, you’ll see on your computer’s screen the following:

Tip! We recommend that you read the following chapter carefully for a general orientation and understanding of how the management environment works.

Manage your media #

Smart QR code media management

Media Library #

New Page/Upload/Record #

New pages (Add new mobile page(s):
– You can make your own mobile webpages, maximum 4 tabs.
– This option allows you to drag or upload files from an external file to the Media Library. They will then be visible in the Library. These files can then be linked to your Smart QR code.
If a video recorder / webcam is connected, a recording can be made. This recording can then be linked again to the Smart QR code.

Preview and Info #

When you select a medium from the left-hand section, you’ll see in the right-hand section what it
looks like when it’s displayed.
The Info button allows you to see general information or to give the selected medium a name and

Manage your Smart QR codes #

Management portal Smart QR codes
QR code #

Left side of the Smart QR Library:
This side contains all created Smart QR Codes. When you click Add QR codes, you can create multiple Smart QR Codes in your own account. This can be done in an existing set, but when you do not make a choise, a new set will be created automatically.

Smart QR detail view #

Here you can save the characteristics of any of your Smart QR Codes.


  • Select and link content behind a selected Smart QR Code.


  • All characteristics of the selected Smart QR Code. A number of characteristics can be
    customized. These are marked in blue. Also, some On / Off buttons have been added for
    additional features.

    Here, the QR Code can be edited, downloaded or placed in a background.
    Here you find information about how many times the Smart QR Code has been scanned, from
    which location and with what OS the Smart QR Code has been scanned.